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Training your Board

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Jun 22, 2017 - 2:45pm4:00pm

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All too often, NFP Boards consist of well-intentioned members who while having a deep seeded love of the mission really do not understand their role as members of a governance body. The line between management duties and Board duties often times become blurred which causes friction between the two groups. If this is your situation or you believe you could fall into this "trap" due to the lack of vision of your current Board, this will be a great interactive session to attend.  

  • Gain valuable tips on how to "train" your Board without them realizing it!
  • How to assist your Executive Director/CEO/Board Chair in creating a viable, functioning and self-sustaining board

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Title Speaker Details Session ID
Ron Ries CPA, CGMA 19, UP8
Kristine Caratan CPA, CGMA, MNA, San Francisco State University, Executive Lecturer UP8