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Integrated Financial Resource Management: Best Practices in Managing an Organization’s Investments, Credit and Cash

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Jun 22, 2017 - 7:00am7:50am

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Nonprofits oftentimes silo financial resources between endowment assets, operating capital, reserves and credit facilities. Instead of viewing these resources as distinct from each other, this panel will discuss a more holistic approach to assess the interplay and relationship of these resources. For example, when is it appropriate to deploy assets from an endowment to fund the needs of the organization? When might credit facilities meet those needs? What are the lost opportunity costs, impacts and advantages to consider when considering these decisions? And finally, how do these financial decisions impact the "marketability" and reputation of the institution to its constituents fundraising resources.

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Title Speaker Details Session ID
James Maiorino Bank of America, Senior Vice President 8
Bernie Reidy US Trust, National Philanthropic Sales Executive 8
Matthew Kerner CPA, Doctors Without Borders USA, Director of Finance 8