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The Psychology Behind Fraud, Unethical Behavior and White Collar Crime

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Jun 23, 2017 - 7:30am8:45am

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Sometimes a small group can be the deadliest killers of all to your company. And no amount of SOX rigor or financial analysis is going to smoke them out. It is this group that is behind most of the larger (and costliest) fraudulent crimes. Understanding the psychological forces behind the worst type of fraudulent behavior is critical to detecting, preventing and dealing with many types of fraud. It also helps us gain even more insight as to how the average person gets pulled in by those in the 5-7% group mentioned above.

  • How and why normally ethical people commit workplace crimes and how our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us make us all vulnerable
  • The Profile of the Hard Core White Collar Criminal: 5 Key Characteristics and Behaviors
  • Organizational traits and situations that encourage the Syntonic Syndrome and embezzlement and fraud
  • Five things that management must do

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Joan Pastor ABV, JPA-INTERNATIONAL, JPA International, Inc. 108, 49, 54