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Eve Borenstein

BAM Law Office LLC.
St. Louis Park

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Eve Rose Borenstein's law practice exclusively focuses on the impact of tax and regulatory rules applied by the IRS, as well as federal grantor agencies and state regulators, to "tax-exempt" and/or public benefit organizations. Over the course of the past three decades, Eve has served individual nonprofit organizations (as well as the CPAs and other professional advisors who serve them) throughout the country on such entities’ tax planning and filing matters, as well as with direct representation before the regulatory community. Through 2016, she had represented more than 1000 tax-exempt organizations with the IRS on audits, appeals, exemption applications, ruling requests, and status correspondence. In addition to direct representation and compliance planning, Eve has counseled hundreds of client organizations on the application of governance and various other state statutory mandates, as well as in favor of the implementation of "best practice" policies. Approximately half of her clients have been organizations with gross revenues of less than $2,000,000 per year, with the remainder balanced between medium ($2-$10m revenues per annum) and large organizations ($10m+). Eve has been a longstanding active participant in the American Bar Association's Tax Section Committee on Exempt Organizations, and she has been the liaison from that Committee both to the IRS as well as to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ professional committee, the Exempt Organizations Technical Resource Panel. She has volunteered extensive time through such mechanisms to provide feedback to the IRS on exempt organization tax issues and federal exempt organization form redesign. Eve is the author and instructor of the country's two premier CPE courses on Form 990 (both of which are co-authored by CPA/M.S.T. Jane Searing) along with multiple other exempt organization tax courses of her own design. Those two 990 courses are licensed to the AICPA, and all of her courses are available through Eve and/or via state CPA societies. She also teaches widely to nonprofits directly and to the professionals who advise them. Eve’s speaking/teaching consultancy is conducted through Eve Rose Borenstein, LLC, which maintains the website. Full details of Eve’s professional committee work, publications, and presentations are available in her professional resume, available at Her teaching and training to clients, professionals and the nonprofit community at large occurs via both BAM Law Office as well as her speaking consultancy, all to the goal of expanding the sector's capacity to "do it right the first time!"